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Preservation is traditionally associated with packing of equipment for future use, a procedure commonly known as mothballing. In IWS we have taken this process to the next level.

We still offer preservation as a cost-saving method during lay-ups, ensuring continuation of SPS class, COC certificates and reduced insurance premium during the lay-up period, and we can still pack equipment for shipment to all corners and climates of the world. But used properly, preservation can also be used for extending the lifetime of industrial equipment while still in operation. In IWS we have perfected these processes and offer preservation as an integral part of our maintenance services.

Preservation Services

The Oil & Gas Industry has presented difficult challenges to researchers in fighting the effects of corrosion in economic loss and environmental safety. The total annual cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production industry is estimated to be $1.372 billion. IWS adapted the preservation ideology as one of the first services the company offers, as we believe in its vital rule in the asset integrity of any industry or project. IWS is specialized in executing time frame based preservation plans, offering a variety of flexible programs depending on different factors.

Why preservation?

Preservation is very important activity for all equipment (rotating/static) as it is the process of protecting equipment from corrosion resulting from surrounding atmosphere Such as; humidity, sand &dust, etc. Also the importance of preservation can be summarized in its definition as it is the protection and preventive maintenance carried out on equipment and systems before it goes into service. Without preserving any equipment, corrosion resulting from all weather condition definitely will kill the machine causing it not do its function especially in case of long time storage.

Field Service

Asset pre-inspection and plan for stacking

Comprehensive application corrosion inhibitors including powders, lubricants and costings to minimise the effects of corrosion

Various vendor support services for supply of materials and specialised equipment services

Dehumidification for specialised equipment and or selected spaces

Preservation of Electrical/Electronic equipment

Maintenance Management as required (Permanent skeleton crew or periodic inspection teams)

Periodical inspections to confirming asset integrity and the continued maintain effectiveness of the stacking plan

Specialised Software for preservation and reactivation / commissioning procedures

Rig Lay-Up & Preservation Services

Rig lay-up and preservation services are tailored to our clients’ requirements to prevent excessive or accelerated deterioration of the rig and its equipment. These preservation procedures will greatly depend on a company’s needs to either warm stack or cold stack their assets.

  • Pre-Stacking Survey for preservation stacking planning
  • Warm Stacking (contract ready)
  • Cold Stacking (dead vessel)
  • Preservative Measures
  • Maintenance
  • Re-commissioning and Reactivation
  • Stacking Management and Re-commissioning Software

The objectives of the IWS asset preservation program are twofold and are noted in no priority, one to minimize the company’s exposure financially while new revenue streams are being sourced. While at the same time protecting the assets ensuring the equipment’s full term “life cycle” can still be realized, and as a consequence the unit and assets returned to service economically in the shortest possible period of time. Our competitors are focused in the main on preservation only; our first hand operational experience uniquely aligns us with our clients’ requirements.

Decisions to either warm or cold stack an asset could vary greatly on a client’s business plans but generally assets tend to be warm stacked if potential work is seen in the next 12 months, or clients that have special considerations for instance smaller companies or specialised companies focused on newer assets.

Where it’s seen that no foreseeable work is likely over the next 12 months clients are more tending to cold stack their assets, older assets may even be taken out of service permanently due to the high costs of reactivation.

Our stacking services comprise general advisory on lay-up scenarios by way of detailed inspections, the development and implementation of lay-up specifications and procedures. The supervision of the lay-up process, periodic maintenance and re-commissioning, are all supported by our unique Preservation-Trac & Project Trac software that allows our clients to view in real time all activities during the whole layup process through to the units planned re-commissioning.

All inspections, lay up and preservation routines in either scenario will specifically recommended practices to API, IMO, SOLAS, MODU Codes, ABS and DNV Rules.

As the result of requests from our client’s over the last 12-months IWS has developed comprehensive packages providing our clients with preservation solutions that are tailored to their particular requirements. IWS as a complete service provider focusing on the re-activation during the preservation process. Our competitors can supply the preservation material but don’t have the capacity to provide adequate oversight of the entire drilling and marine package further supporting re-activation. We are an operational entity with a worldwide presence and the global experience that can provide a full service and truly support your needs.


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